Laundry never ends. Every week there is more laundry to do. If you can’t keep up with the never-ending pile of clothes in your hamper, let us help. Dirty Bird Laundry offers free laundry pick up and delivery. Our laundry service is offered throughout Fresno and Clovis. It is the most convenient way to get your laundry done. Placing an order is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • 1. Click on Schedule a Pickup

  • 2. Put in your information, including when and where you want your laundry picked up and when you want it back.

  • 3. Have the laundry ready when our driver arrives

Pickup & Delivery


$1.69 Per Pound

**$35 Minimum Order

Pickup & Delivery

(As Needed)

$1.79 Per Pound

**$35 Minimum Order

Our pick up laundry service will pick up your dirty laundry and take it back to our laundromat. We will wash, dry and fold your clothes for you and get them back to you in 24 hours or less.

Standard laundry delivery service:

  • Clothes are washed with Tide detergent
  • Clothes are dried with dryer sheets
  • Clothes are folded and bagged
  • Socks are matched up
  • Collard Shirts, Dresses and Pants are hung at no extra charge

Additional Services by Request:

  • All Free & Clean substitute (no charge)
  • Liquid Fabric Softener – Additional $ .10 per pound
  • Hand Dry – $.75 per item
  • Nylon Logo Laundry Bag (50/lb.) – $10.00
  • Bleach $ .10 per pound

Our laundry pickup service near Fresno/Clovis is only $1.69/lbs. when you sign up for recurring service or $1.79 if you are an as-needed customer. There is a $35 order minimum. After using our laundry pickup service near Fresno/Clovis you will never want to do your own laundry again!